I agree with Pres. Donald Trump

I watched the press conference of US President Donald Trump and the Italian president last night on CNN. Trump said Turkey and Syria have been fighting this war for thousands of years and let them fight their own wars, and America has no reason to join in the fight. The US is thousands of miles away from Turkey and Syria. He said Russia is closer and maybe Russia could play the role of mediating between the two. He said, to let the two fighting governments work it out among themselves. He said America cannot be the policeman. He cannot let US soldiers die fighting for a war they don’t even understand. He also said that America is defending countries that don’t even like Americans.

I agree with Pres. Trump to let the Turkish and Syrians work it out whatever they are fighting about. America should not get involved.

However, I do not agree when he is blaming former President Obama for anything and everything.

I think sitting presidents should give respect to their predecessors. They should just focus on their present job and not mention the names of the past presidents to blame them for something negative that is happening. Government officials here in the Philippines also have a propensity to pass the blame on previous administrations.


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One thought on “I agree with Pres. Donald Trump

  1. It depends. Does it have any relation to the topic being discussed and has it caused damaged, President Trump is just only telling the fact, that makes the situation aggravate and now it is in his shoulder to tackle this problem. President Obama is known to be a yes guy, no backbone, so there was no problem during his reign, everything was quiet, everybody was satisfied, every body got their share. Now with President Trump, it did not happen, there was no peace in the White House, because they cannot get what they want, everything is under quality control, because there was no under the table in his reign.

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