Brunch with former Senator Leila de Lima

I’ve been absent from the Women’s Business Council meetings and official functions for months. It was due to a conflict in schedule, busy, and being out of the country always.

Although I was dragging my feet, I managed to attend the brunch with former Senator Leila de Lima at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City this morning. Organized by the Women Business Council of the Philippines, the small affair was one not to miss.

It was time well spent. I was inspired by her story. Sen. de Lima is one tough lady. I asked her how she survived her ordeal. I told her if that happened to me, namatay na ako sa kakaiyak. I guess one does not know the limits of her strength and determination unless put in the most challenging situation.

Senator Leila de Lima

She was jailed during the term of President Rodrigo Duterte. She was wrongfully accused of involvement in the drug trade. She was arrested on February 24, 2017. She said she was never allowed to have television, cellphone, no gadgets, no internet. No air condition and no shower, just timba and tabo. She spent her time praying, reading, writing, feeding 20 stray cats that wandered to her small room. She never ate the food served to her by the jail guards. Every morning, cooked food was delivered to her from her house.
She chronicled every moment of her incarceration. She will publish a book I would surely buy and read.

The two court cases filed against her were dismissed and she was allowed to grant bail. She was released on November 13, 2023 and is hoping the third case would be dismissed by the courts too and it would be a permanent freedom for her. She said all the evidences presented were lies. She attended all the court hearings and she said she cringed every time she would hear the perjured witnesses present their fabricated stories.

Being in isolation for almost seven years, Sen. de Lima got to appreciate the serenity of it all. “Walang traffic, walang ingay.”

Atty. Lorna Patajo-Kapunan was there too. She always looks fabulous and youthful, with her fancy footwear. I love her attire.

Atty Lorna Patajo Kapunan

Lorna’s fancy glittery sneakers
Atty Lorna Kapunan

Background music: Lift Motif by Kevin MacLeod


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