Awww Mochi is so sweet, sleeping where she can see me.

Oyen borrowed Mochi from my sister’s family last year when the pandemic began. Mochi bonded with Oyen, enjoying their daily walks together and she also  slept in Oyen’s room.
When Oyen left for Manila, Mochi’s attention turned to me because I was the one giving her food.
When I left, we didn’t return her to my sister because we came to love Mochi despite her quirks.

While I was in Manila, she bonded with my son.  The two stayed together until we returned last May.  It took a while, before Mochi started remembering me.  She now has been following me around the house and would like to sleep near me.  If not for her incontinence,  I would definitely make her stay on the bed with me.  I love Mochi.

12:08 am
I Love Mochi


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