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We no longer have those long playing records and singles.  I don’t even know what happened to the cuadro phonic stereo Kuya Lito had bought.

In 2012,  in my visit to the Midway Antiques in Sacramento,  I saw some very nice looking old fashioned stereo cased in wooden furniture., similar to the television sets that looked like a piece of big furniture, and `original juke boxes.

record player

I forgot about the record player until two years ago.  For some reason,  I started feeling the urge to buy one,    A jukebox would be nice but I don’t have a space for it.  If I have a coffee shop or big enough house, I will buy a Jukebox.  Maybe a few years from now I’ll get one and put it in the farm. Let’s see where it goes.

For now,  I am itching to buy an old-fashioned record player.  Edmund told me his friend Chino Raymundo buys or sells brand new and modern ones.  I don’t like modern. I want something that will remind me of my brothers’ era.  The time when we were still living in one roof with our stereo blasting to my ears’ discontent.

I had the chance to visit Midway Antiques again after 8 years.  That was where I saw the jukeboxes and record players in 2012.

They have several record players on display.  They were meticulously restored snd some are all original.

record player


I liked this one in particular because of its size.

record players

I spoke to the owner to get more details. The first thing he told me was that it would take 72 more hours to test it. When I told him I like it because of the size, he said, it’s really small and maybe  he will just keep it and not sell it anymore. When he saw how much I liked it, he changed his mind. He hesitated to let go.  He told me to give him a call after a few days and he’ll see. I haven’t called. Ang labo naman nya.

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