I wish I have the power to cure the sick

It’s been a month that I couldn’t sleep at night. I am up until 3 am, 4 am, sometimes 5 am and even when the sky is already bright at 6 am. This is already a serious bout of insomnia. I have difficulty making my mind rest. I think I am anxious, nervous, worrying too much about life. My life. Oh my buhay!

And when I say my life, it’s not just about me. It’s also about the people around me— my husband, my daughter, my son,  my son-in-law, my sister, all my siblings and their respective families, our neighbors, our friends, my senior citizen friends, our employees and their families, my OMB readers and their loved ones, strangers, people from other countries, all, as in all of humanity. My husband tells me, as usual, to stop worrying about other people’s lives and for things I have no control of.

Last night I couldn’t help but cry. Actually three mornings ago I had a break-down of some sort. I just cried. I was too sad. I was so frustrated. There were things that I wanted to do but I couldn’t do and something that I’ve been wanting to have but I couldn’t have.

Last night while in bed, the same thing happened. I couldn’t sleep, my mind was so active. I was imagining how we can survive this catastrophe. I wished I have the power to cure people or to create an invisible shield to protect all of us from any harm or sickness. I wish. I just wish.

Egg pie to cheer me up.
a slice of egg pie

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