Louis Vuitton in Zurich

My search for the perfect travel bag continues.
I went inside the Louis Vuitton in Zurich in the afternoon of April 6, hoping to find a medium-sized bag with zipper, lightweight, with a long strap suitable for cross body.

The sales staff were all occupied with other customers and that allowed me to browse discreetly.

Nothing. The search continues…


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4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton in Zurich

  1. Hi Ms. Annie! I’m also looking for my perfect travel bag and i think i found it. It comes in 2 sizes and you might like the BB. It’s canvas so it’s very easy to clean. The bag is light and has 2 big side pockets- perfect for board if pass and Immigration cards! The BB size can be worn crossbody while the MM size can be worn over the shoulder. The strap is thick so it should be comfortable. Here’s the link:


    1. Hi Mitzi, I looked at the link you provided. It’s nice. I went to two different LV stores but they didn’t have this style.

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