Edmund’s clutch bag was stolen from our vehicle

Edmund didn’t realize he lost his favorite clutch bag until we reached home at almost 11 pm on March 27, 2024. He asked me if I had seen his bag. Yes, I had. When we were getting out of the car at the church. I saw it lying on the car’s floor. I also picked up his cell phone and handed it over to him.

The Holy Wednesday procession started at 7:30 pm. We asked the driver to park in the barangay basketball court.
It rained intermittently during the procession which prompted Edmund to go get his extra t-shirt and towel which he left in the car. Our driver was ready with Edmund’s shirt and towel by the time Edmund reached the gas station. Sgt. Jerry was already standing there waiting. Actually, he is not our regular driver. Inaway nya yung driver namin, umalis kasi natakot sa kanya.

Sarge insisted that he locked the car. No, he didn’t because there was no evidence of forced entry. He probably pressed unlock or he pressed lock but not correctly so the doors didn’t lock.

As expected, my husband was so angry. Ang nakakainis kasi ay Jerry was still insisting that he was very sure he locked the doors.

Instead of pounding him to admit he failed to lock the doors, I just asked Edmund to waste no time in calling the credit card companies, ATM, etc. to block usage. At almost midnight, Edmund was busy on the phone.

It’s really bad that Jerry forgot to lock our car and unfortunately someone was quick enough to steal Edmund’s bag. But it could happen to anyone. In fact, Edmund himself forgot to lock our car when we were leaving for Carmel. I myself forgot to lock my car when I drove to the outlet.

This was a bad lesson for all of us. Ngayon takot na ako to leave my valuables in the car even if I have a driver. Mahirap mawala ang laptop, iPad, etc. Doble ingat tayo lahat.

Ang problema, sobrang makakalimutin itong driver namin. Just a week ago, we left the garage without locking the trunk. I didn’t notice either because I was on my phone. I just heard Antonia screaming, when I looked back, she was running after us.

Everything that I asked him to do, he forgets. Nakakatakot if he forgets where he dropped me off. When I tell him to turn left, he looks to his right, baligtad lagi. Puro na lang “ay mam, nalimutan ko.” He said he became forgetful after his gal stones were removed. Ay hindi naman yan general anesthesia. He’s worst than someone who gave birth thru caesarian section.

I asked my relative Eden to check out the CCTV in the basketball court, It was so dark daw they couldn’t see anything.
Word got around that someone’s bag was stolen. I hope the thief would just get the cash and leave the other items including Edmund’s medicines and doctor’s reseta. He has many things in that bag. His gun license ID which was just recently renewed. I was glad his gun was at home. His wallet, most likely has Theo’s picture. His SSS and Philhealth cards, Senior card, ATM, two credit cards, wallet, $100 plus daw but he wasn’t sure, pesos, and other things he doesn’t specifically remember.

A few days later he was beginning to miss his bag. “Matagal na sa akin yon.”
He bought it daw in Madrid, that means 2018 pa. Ako naman, iniisip ko, eh bakit naman kasi dala-dala eh hindi naman nya kailangan lahat ng nadun, or at least majority of the things in there. Eh siguro he just got used to bringing them with him.

Tsamba yung magnanakaw.


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