We allotted more than enough time for our 1:35 flight to Manila. We wanted to make sure there was sufficient time for any unexpected traffic congestion on our way to the airport, and ample time to get our VAT papers stamped. No traffic, fast VAT refund processing, a no-frills refund of my money. No hidden fees and charges. I got exactly 6.10% equivalent. Thank you Thailand.

With at least two more hours to spare, we went to the lounge but didn’t stay long. We walked around, bought sticky rice and other pasalubong. We went inside the Rolex store.
E—-“Bibili ka ba?”
A—-“Kababayad ko lang ng credit card ko ano.”

Hermes store
E—“Papasok ka ba?”
A—“Ayaw ko.”

Chanel store
A—-“Ay tart, wait, pasok lang ako.”
I lingered at the store after I saw this black bag. I placed my iPad pro inside, aba perfecto, kasya. Though the straps were long, they were not long enough to be a cross body. They were short by maybe 4 inches. I couldn’t let go of the bag most especially when the sales lady told me that it just arrived three days ago and it was the only one.
Chanel, black bag

My husband entered the store. Nainip siguro kasi sabi ko sandali lang ako. He caught me holding this bag.
E—–“What’s going on here?”
A—–“I’m in love with this bag.”
E—-“That’s a very expensive love.”

Chanel Shoulder bag

Bye bag.


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