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September 18, 2019

Our morning and noon were free of any schedule. But some of our tour mates opted to go to another island. Edmund and I took this as a good time to rest. We’ve been hopping from one place to another and it was tiring more so because of the heat.

I didn’t join them for breakfast. After eating, my husband brought me one
boiled egg and a croissant.

At 11 am, the housekeeping knocked on our door. When I opened it, he or she was smiling. I asked her to come back after thirty minutes.

A to Edmund—-“Yung cleaner sabi ko bumalik mamaya. I think transgender sya.”

We didn’t join some of them for lunch because it was so hot outside. At 1:30 pm, we started getting hungry so we went to the restaurant where they had lunch. It was a short walk from our hotel, practically just across the street.

I took advantage to pose in the middle of the street while it was free of automobiles.

greece 794 omb mykonos

greece 791 restaurant
greece 795

The sunrays penetrated every nook and cranny of Mikoyos’ lanai.
greece 797 Mikoyos
Ceiling’s pendant lights
greece 799 Mikoyos

The restaurant said we couldn’t consume the food there at the restaurant because if the tax collector came, they would ask how come we didn’t pay for our food????? They wanted us to take out the food. We were irritated but nothing we could do.
greece 800 Mikoyos restaurant

We walked outside to look for another restaurant but it was too hot. We couldn’t go very far. The heat was really frying our heads.
greece 801 beach
greece 802 Beach

We went back to the restaurant and took out the food. They told us the food they prepared was good for four people.

greece 803 MIkoyos to go

When we entered the hotel lobby and got the room key, I asked the receptionist if our room had already been cleaned. Not yet she replied.

The room cleaner was still inside our room when I arrived. He was standing beside the bed, texting. He was not cleaning.

That’s also what’s happening in our offices. People are always on their phones. The efficiency drops because they spend hours in total using their phones. I see them, pasimple, naka tago ang phone sa ilalim ng drawer pero kitang-kita naman na nagte-text, tumitingin ng mga photos, ngingiti-ngiti. Their concentrations and efficiency are diminished tremendously. The company suffers.

When the room cleaner noticed me, inayos nya bigla ang kama.#sexyback

greece 809 room cleaner

Edmund waited till the housekeeping guy finished cleaning our room before he walked in.
We ate our food using the counter as our table.

greece 814 rice and pork
Greek salad
greece 816 Greek salad

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