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During rainy season, clothes don’t dry fast so the tendency of people is to wear semi-dry or malamala or damp. Some wear jackets that got wet from the rain a few days ago and are still damp. Wearing clothes like this will make one smell BAD. That smell is aggravated by sweat. Amoy luom. It’s not sweet to smell baho most especially in the workplace.

My nose is sensitive to this particular smell. This is the smell of basahan na hindi gaanong nilabhan ng maids. Tapos ipupunas sa muebles or floor, then the whole house would smell like this. This is the same smell when pasaway drivers lounge in the van while waiting for us. This is the same smell coming from our towels that the labandera didn’t wash and dry properly.
This is the same smell of dirty and damp maong (jeans).

We have several stairs here in the office. Pagnasalubong ko pa lang sa hagdan, amoy ko na agad kung merong mabahong kasambaho (kasama sa trabaho). And I never failed to call their attention. I also advised our messengers and janitors to bring extra shirts, kasi mapapawisan sila.

I’ve been growling at my kasambaho (workmate) for the past several days. Menopause siguro kasi I ignited so fast. I just finished going around the building and syempre I discovered so many things that irritated me. Tagalog, Tagalog ang salita dito and yet people don’t seem to understand. Baka naman pala puro English speaking.

Kasambaho #

1. Omb——– “Eto bang list na ito eh updated?”
Kasambaho– “Afdate yan boss”.

2. Omb———“Hindi mo ba naririnig yan? Bumubulwak na tubig, eh di tapon ng tapon dalawang linggo na yan ni hindi mo napansin na merong ang lakas ng tagas ng tubig?”
Kasambaho—— “Oo mam”.
Omb———— “Anong oo?”
Kasambaho—— “Oo nga”.

3. Kasambaho— “Mam, may tumawag na secretary, magre-resign na daw si Mr. Cesar Virata”. (From Philippines, Inc.)
Omb————- “Ok kamo pero request ka lang ng formal letter para official”.
Kasambaho——- “Kung iko-continues pa nya?”

4. Omb———- “Kailangan yan bawasan ng withholding tax kasi professional fee”.
Kasambaho——- “20% holding tax”.

5. Omb———- “Si Edna pa present ngayon? Papuntahin mo dito”.
Kasambaho——- “Fresent sya mam”.

6. Bank officer– “Hello mam, pasensya na naipit kami dito sa may dulo ng Fasong Tamo”.

7. Omb———- “Asan yung…..”
Kasambaho——- “Funcher nyo mam?”

to be continued


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