Many are asking for prayers09:04 PM Friday July 24, 2020 |

I’ve seen posts of friends and strangers alike asking for prayers. I’ve also received requests from acquaintances asking me to include them in my prayers. Yes of course I would.

Many are sick, suffering from worry, restlessness, depression, aloneness, lost their jobs, at a loss during these unprecedented times. Many are having relationship problems with their respective spouses. Can you imagine getting stuck with him/her for four months straight day and night, that’s really tough.

The absolute importance of prayers is to communicate with God. When we pray we indicate to the Lord what’s important to us. Pray consistently and sincerely and trust that the Lord knows what our lives are.

Let’s pray for one another. Our prayers are vital to others and strengthen our faith.

Dear Lord,
Help us all in our needs and the needs of our hearts and soul.
We pray for those who are suffering and in grief. May they be comforted by the Lord.
Please keep us safe from any kind of sickness and harm.
For His goodness, we humbly ask this in prayer,



  1. DEAR GOD, you will never let us down. You promise us your strength, your peace, and your presence. All we need to is depend on you. Jesus I trust in You.

  2. We dont remember the.lord because we need him.for all.our needs . Strong faith ..trusting him all our life ..on.our mind @ in.our heart ..he knows …..tbs not late for him to forgive us for all our shortcomings..amen

  3. This is the time to reflect and do some soul searching, the most opportune time to reach out to Him and talk to Him, with your heart and soul bared, contrite and humble. He listens and heals. For He is a just and merciful God.

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