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Dec 16,

Grapes symbolize abundance and prosperity.
In many Asian cultures, they are hang on the doorways, placed on the dining table to attract wealth and good luck.

The Bible mentioned the words vine, leaves, grapes, hundreds of times.
Many religions consider the grapes as a symbol of Christian faith and inner transformation,

The attached berries also symbolizes children of God, fertility, good harvest.

For the common Filipinos, this fruit is a symbol of good life, rarity, and is synonymous to the wealthy. Nuong araw, you cannot find ubas (grapes) in ordinary supermarkets or palengke (public markets) Pag merong galing sa America, eto ang pasalubong at saka mansanas (apples).
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Antonia and Norma were ecstatic when I gave them a bunch of grapes.

Some people believe that green grapes are better than the dark ones because they bring positive energy, both material and spiritual.

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