Merry Moo ice cream for me

Oyen came home with three tubs of Merry Moo ice cream. She said someone brought it to our office and it’s from an Oh my buhay reader.

Omb——–“Anak, how did you know that it’s from my reader?”
Oyen——-“The way it was written and packed”.
Since we were leaving for Paparazzi, she shoved them in the freezer.

I didn’t order dessert after dinner because I wanted to taste the ice cream given by my thoughtful omb reader.


ecy bday 8 26 2014 paparrazi 082

When I saw my name, I doubted if the ice cream was intended for me.
Omb———-“Anak, baka nagkamali lang ito. This is not for me”.
Oyen———‘It says Annie”.
Omb———- “is there anther Annie in our office?”
Oyen——— “None, only you”.

That said, I opened one tub.
Omb———- “Sweetheart, you want?”
E———— “Pwede”.
Edmund and I tasted the avocado flavor. It’s sweet and so creamy. Lasang avocado.

ecy bday 8 26 2014 paparrazi 074

Until this morning, I was still not sure if the ice cream was really for me. Inisip ko baka her driver made a mistake. The name of the sender looks familiar but I was not sure who she was.

Oyen—— “Mom, do you have a reader named Maribeth?”
Omb——- ‘I have a lot of readers….”.

Bahala na. I thought if the driver comes back to say there was a mistake, I would just buy a replacement.

This afternoon, I received an email from a reader named Maribeth.

Hi Mrs Yee:
I was surfing the net last month about “forums about maids” because I am puro kunsumisyon about my maids from the agency, and then I saw your blog about your experiences with your own maids.I told myself na hindi pala ako nag iisa. I have since read your blogs from 2011 up to the present and I am hooked. I sent you some ice cream yesterday and I wish you have a great day today.

Warm regards,

Mystery solved.
Thank you Maribeth for your thoughtfulness.


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2 thoughts on “Merry Moo ice cream for me

  1. Hi Miss Annie!! this is Hennie of Merry Moo Ice Cream delivery, I was the one who delivered them on behalf of Ms. Maribeth, if you wish to text her, I can send you her mobile number, I’m sorry the maid didn’t put her contact number for you to get in touch with her faster. You can text me 0917-8842924, thanks!!

    1. Hi Hennie,
      Thank you for the ice cream delivery. Maribeth emailed me the day after, I was able to thank her.


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