Mothers Day celebration 2021

May 9, 2021

Having discovered that 99 Ranch steams lobster and crabs for free makes hosting family meals easy.

steamed crabs

Having family around makes life more meaningful and fun.

People always wonder why we come to America frequently. It’s all about family.

Mother's day

My sister’s tres Marias and their Ate Oyen.
lady cousins
For this year’s Mothers Day Celebration, my sister prepared and ordered food too like this pansit palabok and bangus sisig.  We have food for 50 people and yet, konti lang kami, not even a dozen.
Pansit Palabok
We have ulam for the next several days.
Bryson, the newest and youngest member of Tan Family.  Pumuputi na.
His hands are so soft and tiny. My hands are so rough and wrinkly.
Tiny Hands
It was kinda chilly so I wrapped him in Oyen’s shawl.
Bryson drinking milk
Lolo Edmund
Lolo Edmund

Bryson has the same name as Bryson de Chambeau, the golf champion. Baby Bryson has a generally good mood except….Hala you made him cry.
Bryson cries
I am going to share with you a secret. The real lolo was not a fan of the daughter’s boyfriend but when they got married and produced this cute boy, the lolo’s heart was instantly taken. The moment the lolo laid eyes on this tiny angel, it was love at first sight.
Lolo Bong
Oyen ordered this cake from Baskin-Robbins.
Mothers day cake
Don’t let the candy color fool you. It’s actually an ice cream cake.
Floral cake
Oyen asked me to choose the flavor and I picked strawberry because I know that Baskin-Robbin’s strawberry ice cream is superb.
OMB Mother's Day
It’s nice to have even a simple Mother’s Day celebration. A big party and plenty of food is not necessary, matakaw lang talaga kami. It’s nice to feel honored and loved.
Happy Mother's Day
This is so delicious and surprisingly not sweet.
 ice cream cake
I couldn’t slice through it. Grabe it’s so hard. Sobrang tigas. Once in a while I also like lambot.


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