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December 12, 2017

On the Cathay Pacific flight from HK to the US, I watched a few movies including MADAME.

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It’s a story about a house maid who was asked by her lady boss to join them at the dinner party. The boss invited 10 people plus she and her husband. That makes 12. But her naughty step-son insisted in joining at the dinner so the maids set up the table for 13 people. When the matron saw the 13 dinner settings, she said thirteen is bad luck so she asked them to add another chair to make it 14. She asked one of her long-time maids to sit with them at the dinner table and pretend to be a noble guest.

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The maid was hesitant and she tried to convince her boss to let the other maid, Mandy, supposedly a Filipino, to take her place instead. But the lady boss said “nobody invites a Filipino to a dinner party”. I was stunned. I replayed the scene several times. This is very offensive to our race.

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Pls watch even if there’s no sound.



  1. It seemed to infer that the audience confers with this demeaning comment. It’s offensive that this was included in a film presented to the world. Such a targeting rascist comment in this day and age.

  2. But really, hindi naman aristocratic ang mga pinoy, di ba? Uninteresting and unworldly. Marami pang mas superior na race sa Pinoy pero sila pa ang humble. Ang Pinoy kung umarte parang the best sila.

    1. Hi Angie,

      Filipinos, in general, are not born to nobility but that doesn’t mean we should not be treated with respect and dignity. In any kind of race or human categorization, there are people who act and think humbly, and there are those who think highly of themselves. This is not only among Filipinos but is present in every race and nationality.

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