1. A tired and drunk sexy Santa passed out while at Chipotle.

tired and drunk sexy Santa

2. It’s really cold especially the past few weeks because of the stormy weather. The cold makes late afternoons and evenings feel gloomy.
cold night,  OMB

3. Shops should avoid long lines at payment counters. Customers are able to analyze, calculate, compute and ponder on the merchandise they are about to purchase. With several minutes before their turn to pay, they change their minds. Impulse buying disappears. Nahihimasmasan sila bago dumating sa cashier. By the time they reach the cashier, they have sorted out if it’s a need or a want so they end up buying a lot less.
Long line at payment counters

They leave behind the items they realized they don’t need and don’t want.
does not want items

4. I thought the lawlaw look is no longer in fashion. However I still see some men wearing their jeans below their hips showing off their briefs. My impulse is to help them pull their jeans up.
It would be more pleasing to women and gay’s eyes if these men would reverse the way they wear their jeans. they should show instead the front of their briefs, not the back part.
lawlaw look

5. My Our Lady of Fatima prayer booklet is faded already. When I am at home, it’s always at my bedside. When I am going out of the country, I bring it with me, it’s always in my handbag. Kumupas na.
Our Lady of Fatima prayer book

I didn’t realize it’s going to be 10 years old next week. Thank you for being my constant companion.
Our Lady of Fatima booklet

6. My sister bought a pack of fresh jackfruit imported from Thailand. I told her we always have langka from our trees. When I tasted this, aba masarap and very sweet. I wasn’t sure if this was better than the ones from our place.
jackfruit from Thailand

7. Oyen’s bunny house shoes are perfect during winter. It’s cold walking around barefooted just like what we do in Manila. I asked her where she bought these. From Greenhills lang daw.
bunny shoes

8. My sister makes the best salsa. Habang nagku-kwentuhan ang sarap ngumuya ng ngumuya ng chips. Hindi mo mapapansin naubos mo na yung salsa.
chips and salsa

9. Bus riders. Edmund thinks he can get away in the cold without wearing socks. Medya mayabang, pa -cool, ayan nanigas ang mga kuko nya. Ako suot ko medyas nya. Si Oyen naman naka UGG boots.
bus riders

10. I was curious about their crepes. I ordered one which the three of us would share.

crepes store in the city

crepes with chocolate syrup

Edmund said nothing beats La Pinay from Cafe Breton.
strawberry crepes

I also wanted to get a strawberry and banana smoothie but I didn’t want to pay almost $10 for a small cup. Where we stay, which is about two hours away from the city, a cup of delicious smoothie is only $2.99, probinsya kasi ito.
smoothie in the city

11. I got so tired walking. While waiting for Edmund I didn’t know where to go to rest my tired lower back, legs and feet. I found a photo booth parang sa Kodak.

Photos, booth with red curtain
There was no technician manning the booth and no customers either.
I went inside and found some peace and quiet.

photo booth,  mall

I wanted to close my eyes to doze off but I was afraid someone would come and discover my hiding place.
photo booth, inside


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