1. Nice paper bag. But who do you give this to?

Love never fails

2. I felt so bad not buying these two pink ladies. They look adorable, and they’re cheap too. Sa Ross yan. Eh hindi sila kasya sa balikbayan box o sa maleta ko. Hindi naman pwedeng tupiin ang mga legs nila. Sigh. Cute pa naman ano? Ilalagay ko sana sa pagpasok sa pinto ng bahay namin.
metal peacocks

3. Auntie Anne’s hasn’t lost its appeal. I like their almond pretzel but I could only finish one. After that, nasusuya na ako. Sometimes I don’t buy, hindi pala sometimes, most of the time, I don’t buy. I just grab a piece from their free taste tray.

aunti anne's

4. I’ve been here too long, nasasawa na rin ako sa food. I don’t miss Filipino food either except for kare-kare, manggang hilaw and alamang.

shrimp and rice, fastfood

Shrimp teriyaki comes with hot steaming rice and sliced veggies $8.00+
shrimp teriyaki

5. This ube bread came from a Filipino bakery inside Island Pacific. Masarap ito kung malambot yung tinapay at kung lasang ube yung ube.
ube bread

6. Cute na cute ako dito sa silya. Velvet gray upholstery, solid wood and made in Italy.
I found it so pretty. Pwede sa tokador ng anak kong babae. Kaya lang hindi naman kasya sa maleta. It would be costly to ship it to Manila.

gray chair from Italy

Made in Italy velvet gray chair

7. Dinner by myself. I bought a cup of pork sisig from a Filipino fastfood. The bad thing about Filipino cuisine, there should always be rice. pork sisig from Filipino fastfood

I reheated the sisig for several minutes to remove the fats. Sobrang malangis.
fried pork sisig

8. I bought several Ford neon lights at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas. Eto na ang problema. They are too big for regular shipment. Sobrang mahal aabutin ang shipping costs. So far I have only shipped two boxes I joined together. I paid $150 for this two. The shipping is more expensive than the contents. Nakakawalang gana naman kasi galing pala rin ito sa China. Pumunta sa America, tapos ngayon balik Asia. Umikot lang. Hindi na ako bibili sa susunod. Natuwa lang kasi ako. I still have one big box left. I don’t want to spend another $150 for the shipping. Paano ko kaya yun iuuwi?
Ford neon sign

Napaka-fragile pa man din, baka pagdating sa Pilipinas eh durug-durog na.
Ford neon lights, shipping boxes

9. I am probably the only person who goes to Costco and spend less than $10. Most people buy crates of food and supplies, more than they need. Buying in bulk is good if there are dozens of people in your household. But when there are only a few, you save money by buying your supplies from smaller supermarkets or groceries.
Costco tipid shopping

Unless you have a restaurant or have dozens of children, don’t go to Costco. You’ll end up buying things you don’t need and spending more money than you hoped to save. It’s nice going to Costco, kasama na ang pasyal. But make sure you exercise caution and control otherwise before you know it, you’ve racked up thousands of credit card balances.
Bulk buying, Costco

10. I brought the boxes directly to the consolidator’s warehouse. Lumipat na naman sila ng lugar. Their former location was a warehouse all their own. They’re neighbor was a Korean importer of ceramic tiles. The Korean woman was the one who operates the forklift and she always blocked the driveway leading to the consolidator’s warehouse. This time, the shipper is sharing a warehouse with three other companies obviously to cut on rental costs.
Yung ka-share nila is a company that rents out yachts, limousines, helicopters, airplanes.
There are two others, ewan kung ano ang mga negosyo.

consolidator's warehouse

I saw piles of used wooden paleta bigla kong naalala ang papa ko. My brother used to have an office and a big warehouse at the back in this area too. There were wooden palettes from shipments of electric watt hour meters and other spare parts. My father kept the place tidy by arranging the palettes using a small forklift. Edmund learned how to operate the forklift from him. I miss that office and warehouse. It was also a playground for my kids and my nephews and nieces. Those were the days. Moments that will no longer come back. Gone forever but will remain in our memory drives.


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