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I’ve always wanted to have a drone but never bought. I’ve seen a stack in Sear’s last year and I thought wow, these are cool. I decided not to buy because the box of the top-end model was bulky although it could fit in a balikbayan box.

When Oyen and her high school friends went to Iceland two or three years ago, one of her friends brought a big drone. They shot their prenup photos and videos while in Iceland and I’ve seen one scene where they used a drone and the photo came out amazing.

I mentioned to my daughter that when I go see Aurora Borealis I would like to have great photos.

Two nights ago, she went to a store in Ayala 30th and bought a high-end model and sleek looking drone called Mavic Air. It is so compact, far smaller than the one I’ve seen in Sear’s. It comes with two extra batteries, battery charger good for four batteries, carrying cases.


Mavic Air
Mavic Air drone

Drone,  gadgets

I was watching tv last night when I heard a loud buzzing sound. My daughter was in the great room learning how to fly the drone. It was so noisy and it sent Tyler scampering away to the kitchen.
Each fully charged battery lasted for only a few minutes.
I was a little nervous while watching it move around our living room kasi it might slam on our window panels and knock off my vases.

flying a drone

This new high-tech unmanned aircraft is cool but it could pose danger to the surrounding areas, passenger airplanes and helicopters. Imagine it could fly as high as four kilometers? The limitation is the life of the battery. It could die before reaching that far.
Sale and use of this high-tech inventions must be strictly regulated and monitored. Use must never be allowed near airports and plane paths.



  1. In the U.S., those drones indicate areas where they cannot go near and cannot be made to go near the prohibited areas. I don’t know if drones are controlled here in the Philippines.

    1. Oyen is attending a two day seminar on drones. The fee includes a certification and a license to operate a drone in the Philippines.

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