The very first time I inquired about this small cottage house (kubo) was maybe 3 years ago. It was P150,000 – P200,000 depending on its size.
Oh shock! I couldn’t’ believe at how expensive a kubo can be.

A year ago, I went back and asked, it was P350,000.
Oh shocker! The price almost doubled.

cottage house / kubo

Last week, the price went up even higher. This kubo now sells for half a million pesos ( P500,000 ).

bahay kubo,

Nung araw a house and lot in Greenhills cost P400,000 to P450,000. You could buy a mansion for 500,000. Ngayon kubo pa lang ang half – million pesos.

Oh shockest!
Lalo na akong hindi makabili.


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