Bangkok Santol, Lazy Maid, Old Clothes

1. We didn’t know we have two bangkok santol trees. One produces very sweet fruits while the other one naman is sobrang maasim.

sweet bangkok santol fruit

Organic Bangkok santol fruits
organic bangkok santol fruits

I am not fond of santol but I was able to eat 12 in one sitting. Ang sarap and ang tamis kasi.
bangkok fruit

2. Edmund terminated the employment of our maid Let assigned to clean the bedrooms including our masters bedroom.

beddings,  masters

Actually, she only cleans my daughter’s room and our bedroom because my son’s room is always locked. We have one masipag maid, Jen, she wanted to leave because she claims she is doing the work of the other lazy maid. We’d rather let go of the lazy maid.
Lazy maid is also not in good terms with Antonia, etc. They claim she sleeps while they work. She spends most of her time texting. She doesn’t do any work when we are not home. She acts like she’s busy when we are around. We discovered that she doesn’t put detergent soap when washing our clothes. My pink daster became even dirtier after she washed it. When I smelled it, it smelled like it hasn’t been washed at all.
She just folded it and placed back in my room. Verdict, too lazy. Antonia said the lazy maid is 3 months pregnant.

3. We have two new maids recommended by our house girl.
two new maids,  Sept 2017

4. I removed this clothes from my cabinet with the intention to sort and reduce the quantity by half (give-away). I have difficulty sorting them out. Most of them are clothes I want to keep.
clothes from the cabinet

5. Mahirap pag naka tago ang damit. I forget that I have them when I don’t see them. Sme of them still have tag prices pero naluma na sa cabinet.
velvet skirt

6. I don’t want to give this gray skirt away. I still want to wear this pero tila masikip na sa bewang. I will keep this, malay mo sumeksi ako uli.
gray skirt

7. I don’t remember wearing this Max Studio skirt. It’s size S, I am now a Large.
Max Studio skirt,  S

8. This cocktail dress is by Amir Sali. I’ve worn this maybe once or twice. I think this still fits me.
Amir Sali dress,

9. I still have a few old dasters left but it breaks my heart to give them away. They were given to me by my mama.
old dasters

10. Edmund was looking for a half-balikbayan boxfull of polo shirts. He said those are his and they are nice and expensive stuff. OMG! They are now in Tondo. I included them in the boxes of clothes I gave away to Sister Monica Grace. Nay ko po, naipamigay ko na!
A—-:Ay sorry tart, naipamigay ko na sa Tondo. Kala ko for give-away na yun”.
E—-“Pinili ko yun, ang gaganda at mga mahal yun”.
A—-“Sorry tart”.
E—-“Agn swerte naman nung mga makakakuha nun”.
A—-“Pang job interview nila”.


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