I am missing my parents

I don’t know why but these past few days I am missing my parents. I just miss them. I wish they were still alive.
I envy those whose parents are still around. Me, I can only imagine that mama and papa are here in front of me and smiling. I also wish my Kuya Ben is still alive. He died at the age of 57. Too young.

My parents lived with my sister in the US. Even when they would come to the Philippines for holiday I didn’t spend as much time with them and didn’t give my attention and care. I was busy with my own life. To say that I ignored my mom was an understatement.

When I was visiting the US, I also didn’t pay attention to them. I was busy shopping and filling up balikbayan boxes. I didn’t even ask my mom to come shop with me. I was avoiding her kasi nakukulitan ako. But now that I am much older I am actually saying and doing what she was saying and doing then. Ako rin makulit. Siguro my children are also avoiding me kasi I am makulit too like my mother. What can I say? The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree.


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