How to Avoid getting AIDS

THE PANDEMIC has slowed down the rapid spread of AIDS.  Sexually active individuals are forced to stay home.   Hindi sila makapag kalat ng lagim.  That’s one positive effect of getting locked down.

Our understanding of what causes AIDS comes from what we hear and read. Long time ago, it was said that the AIDS’ virus incubation period was 20 years, then it became shorter and shorter. Now, doctors say that the virus could manifest itself in 6 months. But some say one year.
We were told years before that the only way to catch this disease was thru sexual intercourse. Not anymore. That was antedated information. A person can contract aids or at least the HIV virus thru many ways other than having sex.
Please read this information seven times, yes seven times, till it gets buried in your subliminal. So you can memorize by heart, by mind, by “organ”. So before you do it, THINK FIRST of the following:

1. Deep kissing—- bago mo sunggaban, do the rotary test: When was the last time you visited a dentist? Do you have toothache, gum ache? bleeding gums? Tooth cavity? Singaw? Did you bite your tongue lately? And ask the same questions to the person you intend to kiss.
2. Unprotected sexual intercourse — Aside from getting AIDS, the pandemic brings another deadly risk, coronavirus. You can catch it while having sex. Protect each other by having sex in your dreams.
3. Body fluids— pawis, open wounds, skin lesions, bleeding pimples, gums, tongues…

Aside from blood transfusions, sharing toothbrushes, reusing needles, did you know that you can also get AIDS from having
manicure and pedicure pagnasugatan which is common especially pag mahilig magpatanggal ng ingrowns.

Ingat mga kababayan.


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