After seven years, our lamp shade finally got a bulb.

A whole ginormous turkey from Mrs. Balaguer.

I had to chop it to fit in our ref.

I bought some black pasta from Rustan’s Market Place in Rockwell.
I mixed it with real squid and squid ink, lots of garlic, truffle oil.

It didn’t come out standing because the black pasta had some taste and we didn’t like its texture. I’ll never buy that again.
But then, maybe I didn’t season it right.

Homemade potato chips

I prefer Lurpak butter. Lighter color and taste.

My morning pills— half-tablet of Concore and one low dosage Aspirin

In the past, we left the coins scattered around the house till after Chinese New Year. Ang kaso, nauubos, nawawala. So this time, right after New Year, Edmund collected those placed on the kitchen counter and put them back in the box from Central Bank.
One box of P5 coin contains P7,500 worth. We only have P5,000 worth of P5 coins.

Schublig and Chicken Macaroni Salad: not the perfect breakfast pair.

Pancit Bihon Guisado and menudong hindi lasa at mukhang menudo: medyo bagay ng konti

Pancit Canton with chopped Asitava leaves for breakfast

Fresh Basil in gourmet tuyo salad = delicious and healthy

Red roses wilted in 3 days. I bought anthurium flowers today.

They could last for two weeks.

For our dinner tonight,
I cooked jumping shrimps – so fresh and delicious. During the holidays, their prices went up to P480. Today, I bought them for P370 a kilo. I only bought P200 worth.

and fresh halaan soup with garlic, HImalayan rock salt, pepper, ginger, and spring onions.


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2 thoughts on “Photos at home

    1. Hi Grace,

      We slice it thinly by using a mandoline.
      I submerge the potato slices in a bowl of cold or iced water.

      We simply half fry them one by one, drain the excess oil, then sprinkle with salt with truffles. You may also want to put a dash of white pepper

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