We left our house in Manila yesterday afternoon at least an hour earlier than usual so we could swing by the hilly side of Binangonan.

Whether you pass in Ortigas Avenue Extension or along the riverbanks called “floodway”,  travel time to Binangonan remains at least an hour.  Tricycles, jeepneys, trucks, people leisurely walking in the middle of the roads, street vendors,  vehicles parked on the street, stores encroaching make it difficult to go any faster.

Since yesterday was Good Friday,  the carosas of life-sized santos were out in the streets, some still being decorated on, some, slowly being pushed to the church.

Yesterday was really HOT.   Sabi nga ni husband,  meron bang Byernes Santo na hindi mainit.

Of all the days, we chose this day to come to this hilly side of our town.

Flying Oyen

Our umbrellas were no match to the blazing sun.

Under the umbrellas

Oyen——– “Ay, daddy is not wearing a cap.  His head would burn”.

Mahabang Parang in Binangonan

Oyen, while looking at this photo——- “I’m so fat na. It’s disgusting”.

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E———–“Tuyung-tuyo, isang sindi lang yan, tuloy-tuloy masusunog”.

Byernes Santo april 18, 2014 015

The field was very dry. This is susceptible to bush fire.
Dry fields

We could feel the temperature drop by a few degrees when we stepped under the sampaloc tree.

We are continuously planting trees but the fatality  rate is high.  There was a bush fire in one area and most of the trees were burnt.

The Tree Movement, of which I am the founder, has distributed thousands of trees in the different barangays in Binangonan.

Let’s plant more trees. Trees are essential.
Sampaloc Tree


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