Several years ago I launched a small project called Tree Movement.
I purchased and distributed thousands of different kinds of tree seedlings to the barangays in Binangonan, Rizal and to hundreds of households. If my count is right, I have distributed about 20,000 trees in Binangonan alone.
Narra, mango, yakal, langka, atis, guyabano, santol, mahogany, gemelina, etc. Some people have informed me that their langka are now bearing fruits.  Some have also harvested a few mango fruits in their backyard.   Others say they have hammocks under their baby narra tree.

I spent my own money in buying those seedlings.  And they are not cheap.  It is good to know that my time and resources did not go to waste.

Narra, tree movement

tree movement, update September 3, 2017

Trees are only as good as the people caring for them.   Some people do not pay attention to nature and what these beautiful gifts from God provide us.   Some see narra trees as peso signs. They will waste no time in cutting the tree down to get the valuable trunk either to sell as lumber or to make furniture for their own house.

It is my desire to plant thousands more trees for the remaining years of my life.   My life is finite.  Maybe if I get lucky,  I will reach  75 or 80. Those trees would still be around a hundred years, long after I am gone.   Even when I am already dead,  those trees will continue to help me do something good for the surroundings, for the people, for the birds and creatures that would take shelter under those trees.

Last September 3, 2017, Edmund and I visited some of the trees to see how tall they are now.

Tree movement, Binangonan, Rizal

Annie Tan-Yee, visiting the trees

Aside from those planted by the respective barangays and individuals, Edmund and I also planted our own trees to easily monitor how fast those tree varieties grow. It is also our desire to turn unused lands into mini forests.
Tree movement, forest project

These mahogany trees are about 3 – 5 years old. They grow slow.

Tree Movement,  mahogany trees

OMB,  mahogany trees Sept 3, 2017

The distribution of new seedlings will resume in November of this year.
Please do your own share. Plant even just one tree and see it grow.
Thank you.


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  1. Mabuhay PO kayo at mga Anak PO ninyo,God bless PO….
    Try to continue your advocasy.Guardians PO ako Ng Ncr,libo PO ang member,NASA likod PO ninyo Ang grupo…..hands pongmamatay para sa layunin PO ninyo,lmat PO,!!!!!!!!

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