January 29, 2017

My favorite in flight dessert is Haagen dazs ‘s strawberry flavored ice cream.
ice cream on board, PAL

We were each served a cup on the PAL flight to Manila.
The ice cream was a little softer than usual.
plastic in ice cream

I was able to scoop the bottom fast. There was something inside the cup.
big plastic in Haagen Dazs ice cream

What is this? It’s a big piece of plastic.
plastic cover inside the ice cream cup

I continued eating and I finished the whole cup, except of course for the plastic. Mahirap yan nguyain.
empty ice cream cup

There were two plastic covers. One was inside mixed with the ice cream (contents) and one was outside. I informed the flight attendant. I wasn’t angry at all of course. But what could he do? He said he would inform the purser. No one came to apologize. First of all it was not their fault. How could any one be able to tell if there’s a bonus plastic inside the ice cream cup? Even Haagen dazs wouldn’t know. This is a production line defect. I didn’t know this could be possible.
two plastic covers ,  ice cream cup


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