January 11, 2017

I like going inside Pottery Barn stores. It feels very homey and once inside, I always declare “I’d like to live here (in their store)”.

Pottery Barn, white and blue sofa

Celadon green evokes tranquility in the home.
Pottery Barn  celadon housewares

Sunny topiaries
Pottery Barn,  topiaries

Gray and charcoal gray (almost black) are the color trends this past two years. Gray used to be considered a drab color and of course black was a no no for walls and exteriors. But when the industrial look with cement flooring and wall finishes became fashionable, the color gray emerged as the staple color. Well it’s nice. Anything that’s the current trend becomes desirable.

When I showed this sofa to Edmund, he said it’s too plain and basic. I thought men would be drawn to the gray color. Not all.
Pottery Barn,  gray sofa

This chair is very comfy. It swivels 180 degrees. The only draw back is the price. It’s almost a thousand dollars, each. Clearly not for every Tom Dick and Harry’s living room.
Pottery Barn,  swivel chair

We only use white towels at home. I am thinking for 2017, I’ll change that and slowly replace them with light colored ones, for variety.
Pottery Barn,  bathroom collection

I’ve been trying my best not to buy more dinner plates but hard to resist. It’s really tempting.
Pottery Barn,  white dinner plates

Set of 4 $59.95 = $15 each salad bowl + sales tax = P 817.50 each.
Pottery Barn,  bowl

The very first time I visited Germany was way back in January 1994. I joined a group of furniture and handicraft manufacturers and exporters from Cebu, Pampanga, Metro Manila for the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. Our tiny hotel was located very near the Koln Cathedral. I enjoyed so much walking around at night when the shops had closed but the window displays were still all lit. There was a store selling housewares and stunningly beautiful dinner plates could be seen from the windows with corresponding prices. I was so shocked at how expensive they were. Five hundred pesos each, merong one thousand, two thousand, merong 1,000 dollars isang pinggan. My head was spinning and panay ang compute ko. I could not believe that plates could be that expensive.

Today, nothing has changed. Things don’t get cheaper in time. They become even more expensive.
One just have to work harder so you could keep up with inflation and the increase in your standard of living.


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