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May 16, 2019

We invited a couple to come over for dinner at our house instead of bringing them to a restaurant.

I went to Farmers Market to grab some fruits, fresh mushrooms, seafood for tonight’s dinner at home (May 16).

cat on a weighing scale

heavy cat
heavy cat
It should have been a ten-minute ride from the market to our house but it took 40. At 2 pm it should’nt t be this bad because it was not yet rush hour. Every hour is now rush.
heavy traffic as usual
Prices of flowers are high even if it’s not Valentines Day. I bought a few dozens to spruce up our tables.
fresh flowers, yellow

I was thinking of using the blue and white Herend plates for this special occasion.

At 3 am that day, I couldn’t sleep (jet lag) so I went down to look for the plates.
Jet lag,

Just staring at the plates cheered me up. I decided not to use them kasi aalisin ko pa isa-isa sa balot, huhugasan pa isa-isa, baka mabasag, ma-stress pa ako.
Blue and White Herend plates

I decided to use these Lenox plates instead. We’ve only used them once during our 30th wedding anniversary private dinner on our rooftop.  They are understated but nice also.
I have a feeling I am losing some pieces kasi parang kumonti yung quantity. Dati punung-puno yung shelves int he auxiliary kitchen, ngayon halos bakante na.

table setting, May 16, 2019 dinner

I cooked mushroom soup. I bought a pack of fresh portobello mushrooms from Farmers Market, nung nalito ang bangu-bango. I also put three table spoons of black truffles. Dyos mio ang bangu-bango and ang sarap! #trufflesaddict
cooked mushroom soup

While I was busy in the kitchen, Stella watched and followed me.
She looks madungis but she’s clean, most of the time.
Stella, audience
I actually wasn’t sure if our guests would like the food. I didn’t know whether to serve Pilipino dishes, I played safe. They are French-Canadians so we got them cheese.
At least if they didn’t like the main courses, they would for sure eat the cheese.
cheese tray

I bought some sineguelas.
siniguelas fruit

I bought this vintage porcelain bowl from an antique shop in St. Andrews for P 360 equivalent. Mura ano? It was actually a donation to charity and not the actual price of the item. All proceeds of the sale were donated to charity. That was the main reason why I took this kahit mahirap iuwi kasi bulky and heavy.
Grated cheese on a vintage bowl

I bought the white bird cage napkin holder in Marseille. I bought 10 or 12 pero kulang na rin. Disappearing na. I only found 6. Ang cute pa mandin.
table setting, for may 16 dinner

Table is ready. We’re eating in the family dining only.
Table is ready

I was glad Dave came to help me set-up the kitchen island cum buffet table.
Buffet table,  Dave

Vongole pasta, steamed crabs, prawns with butter and garlic. Next time I’ll just steam the prawns with ginger.
crab, prawns, pasta

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