This Ronald Ventura piece is priced at P35M. It’s owned by Dr. Joel Mendez, owner of Mendez Medical Group. The subject looks very familiar. Parang I’ve seen this naked man many times before. Not in my bedroom.

Ronald Ventura has reached international acclaim. He has done a series of exhibitions in New York.
Only 42 years old, he is one of Southeast Asia’s most successful contemporary artists. At the Sotheby’s auction in Hongkong in 2011, his piece fetched the highest auction price breaking all records at that time. (source: Art Radar)

Ronald Ventura, naked man

I saw our neighbors looking at the smaller art works of Ventura. They have a collection daw of black and white paintings.

Neighbor—-“Annie, that big one is 35M”.
Me———-“I have to sell our house to afford that”.
Neighbor—-“A portion of our house”.
Me———-“The garage”.

Our neighbor’s son was my son’s elementary and high school classmate.
My son had been to their house a couple of times. Their house’s size is twice the size of our house. Malaki talaga.

Prices of Ventura’s paintings below are:
450k, 350k, 250k sobrang liit lang nung 250k, siguro 4″ x 4″.
Ronald Ventura, tiny paintings

Those who cannot afford this thirty five million painting, magpa-picture na lang.
Oyen——“Mom, look at the bird”.
Omb——-“I don’t want to look. I want to touch it.
Oh my buhay beside Ronald Ventura's Naked Man

I found this comment from Art Radar’s site from a certain Raquel Cunanan:

He is a pig! He molested a lot of girls. He even abandoned her wife and a 13 year old child for a girl (17 years old) . He is married to a great woman that stood beside him from rugs to what he is today. He is a perverted man. Not true to his art. He let art destructed him. And you guys are making that stupid man more famous?

Oh well, I do not have any desire or plan of buying a Ronald Ventura painting for the following reasons:
1. I like art subjects that are pleasing to the eyes, calming to the soul. Something that speaks to my senses like landscapes and scenery. I don’t like creepy subjects. Hindi ako mahilig sa painting na hubo or nakalitaw ang bird.
2. I cannot afford any of his paintings.


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