June 27, 2021

With no intention to brag, after several days of safari in South Africa (2016 never posted), seeing animals in a zoo no longer excites us. In fact, it makes us sad seeing wild animals in captivity. No matter how comfortable the zoo keepers try to make the animal cages look and feel like natural habitats, they can never mimic the wildlife of course.

We now have a biased point of view. The animals in cages look sad and lonely, period.

Nyke wanted to visit the world reknowned San Diego Zoo so we went. After the bus tour, we left Nyke there by himself.

San Diego Zoo

Zoo tickets

San Diego zoo tickets

Our plan was to bring Nyke inside, spend a few minutes bonding with him, then escape na kami ni ECY. However when we took the bus tour, we got stuck longer than intended.

Zoo bus tour

It would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t so hot.
San Diego zoo tour

San Diego zoo, bus tour

Zoo animals

San Diego zoo tour

I got the white teddy with blue hoodie.

I got a souvenir teddy bear.

OH OH, Too tight for me to squueze in between this two.


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