Shoplifters in Sally’s

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply store to buy hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner.
I was asking the sales staff / cashier about the hot oil treatment. I couldn’t read what it was for because the letters on the bottle were minuscule. He was distracted and kept his eyes on the CCTV monitor while answering my questions.

I whispered to him —“Are they getting things?”
Referring to the two black women on the other aisle.

He replied in a soft voice too “I think so.”

I volunteered to check the two out. I walked to the first aisle, pretending to be looking for some beauty supply. When the two women saw me coming, they moved to the other aisle pretending to be talking to each other about some merchandise they wanted to buy.

The sales clerk called them out. He told them that he knew that they took some things and he asked them to place them on the table.

I was standing near the cashier, observing quietly. I was holding the items I wanted to buy.

The two women were denying that they were shoplifting.
Sales clerk—-“I saw you. I’ve been watching you. She (pointing at me) saw you too”.
Then he apologized to me “Sorry, I didn’t want to involve you.”

One of the women looked at me while arguing with the male clerk. I told myself to be ready. She might turn to me and attack me. To be prepared, I stepped back one meter and spread my legs a little apart so my stance would be more stable. I had my iPad pro in my bag. I would use it to whack her head and use my right knee to hit her at the same time if she attacks me.

The two shoplifters hesitantly brought out the items they were stealing. Ay dami. One woman was carrying a huge bag, like a gym bag, ready to scoop the whole store. The other one was wearing a jacket with plenty of pockets.


Because they were black, they accused the sales clerk who looked Hispanic / Asian, as racist!! They always use racism as an excuse. These women were doing bad things, it had nothing to do with the color of their skin. They ARE thieves! Many black people work very hard and are honest. Unfortunately, most of the thieves shown on tv stealing merchandise from the stores so far are all black people. I’ve also witnessed two more instances when the perpetrators were blacks.

The three women stealing expensive Lululemon merchandise from the Santa Rosa store’s racks in full view of the sales clerks and other customers were black.

The guy who ran-off with GAP denim pants was black.

The two women who grabbed a dozen Michael Kors handbags were black.

The guy with a cartful of groceries left the supermarket without paying for the groceries. The guard chased him. He was neither Asian nor white.

If I see Filipinos, or Asians, or whites stealing, I would also be specific. I would also mention their race.

When there’s a crime committed by Filipinos here in America, I feel embarrassed. They are giving our country and people a bad name. That’s what good black people feel when other black people steal.

Theft is rising and thieves are getting bolder because they don’t land in jail. If they are caught, they just return the merchandise and that’s it. As if nothing happened. They would just go to the other stores or come back to this same store when this particular sales clerk is not around. No citations, no jail time, no police. If their law remains like this, crime will continue to rise.

Twenty years ago, steal one cassette tape from the music store and you would surely land in jail. Nowadays, you can steal one plastic bagful and they will let you get-away. No wonder the thieves have become bolder, no fear.



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3 thoughts on “Shoplifters in Sally’s

  1. Please read “The UNZ Review” it will open your eyes to the harsh reality that USA is slowly and systematically deteriorating due to the globo-homo agenda to destroy “Christianity”I stop watching NBC,CNN,ABC etc they are all controlled by liberal elite they don’t report on the chaos and criminality happening daily in USA.What your seeing now the blatant thievery are all due to the liberal elite policies.Similiar to the Philippines-controlled by Chinese.(saving grace is it’s still majority pinoys so they are the power behind the throne)USA controlled by “….”cannot be mentioned they control the internet and are the most powerful and richest in USA.The white Christians are systematically being replaced(they are only 62%of the population)no more George Washington day-changed to Presidents Day but MLK is one month long!Notice the commercials on tv are majority black but they are only 13%of population.The airports,subways,highways,bridges are crumbling because all the money is going to a war benefiting “……”and USA is 22trillion in debt.Read The UNZ Review before the powers finally shut it off for telling the truth.

    1. Hi Cody,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that the US peace and order is deteriorating. I will check out the INZ review.

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