We get tons of mail and the first envelope I opened when I arrived before Christmas was a thick envelope from American Express. Wow, a $250 gift card for St. John, a clothing brand.

I’ll go shopping.
St. John gift card

I saw a St. John boutique at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet. Nope, they told me I could only use this GC either at the St. John regular boutique or on line.

My kids helped me scroll down the merchandise on their website. Nanay ko po, the items were $700 and up. Mag aabono pa ako. The scarves were $400 yata. Never mind.

Dear American Express,
Next time you want to reward me for being a loyal customer for 33 years, please just credit the $250 to my account. Or if you want to give me another GC, please make it at least $500. Inflation, inflation, inflation.


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