There were several ice cream vendors waiting at the parking near the entrance and exit. I was not in the mood to buy but I wanted to help the vendors. So I bought from the two of them. The first cone, I gave to my driver. Then I bought one from Jerry. I wanted to buy more for the by standers but they said they too sell ice cream. I asked my driver if he wanted more, ayaw na daw nya kasi medyo maasim.

strawberry ice cream, Baguio

Jerry has a patented ready smile for Facebook and Instagram. He knows too well that his beautiful smile would be made famous by the tourists.
Jerry, strawberry ice cream vendor

They only sell ice cream when it’s tourist season. During rainy season and other lean months, they accept construction work and whatever opportunities are available to augment their income.
Sino iboboto nila? Yung isa Binay-Escudero, yung isa Duterte-Marcos.
strawberry ice cream vendors, Benguet

P20 a cone. The strawberry ice cream completes my strawberry farm experience.
strawberry ice cream,  Strawberry Farm


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