While I was leaving the restaurant where I had a meeting with the architect, I saw my driver jump and run to the street.
He got excited when he saw the two guys selling bicho-bicho. They were passing in front of the restaurant. Yun pala he rcognized one of them as their neighbor in Batangas City.

He turned and saw me walking towards the van but his excitement ruled.
He ignored me and continued with his conversation with the bicho-bicho guy.

tagaytay 049

I love bico-bicho. This could be my dessert.

I approached them and kahit ako busog, I bought a few. Firstly, to patronize the guy’s micro business, tulong lang, and secondly, I miss eating bicho-bicho.

Beinte daw tatlo. I bought for my driver, a passerby, for myself, and a pack for Edmund.

tagaytay 053

This is not the kind of bicho-bicho I’ve known since childhood. The bicho-bicho in Binangonan is softer, hallow, medyo wrinkly, ang sarap.

Is this Tagaytay version? I don’t like this one, ang tigas-tigas, pagkinagat ko lumalaban.

tagaytay 056

This is not the right shape of a true and authentic bicho.

tagaytay 055

Isang kagat lang ayaw ko na. Nasasagwaan ako sa korte nito. Parang mahalay. Parang kinikilabutan akong hawakan. Yung sa Binangonan, mapapayat at mahaba. Eto ang laki, ang tigas-tigas pa. Hindi ko kinain, ipinabigay ko na lang kay Antonia.

tagaytay 057


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