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The strong and mighty United States of America is experiencing colossal challenges at its forefront.  First is the pandemic.  Despite their being the leader in technology, health care systems,  having the best universities,  being the best in the medical field, advances in biochem,  first in many things, they suffered the most casualties of the corochina.  Their vulnerabilities and weaknesses became evident after they were deluged with a sea of sick and dead people.  Some politicians acted in disunity.   It became an issue about Democrats vs Republicans.  They criticized each other publicly.  Instead of moving in unison to fight a common enemy with their perceived greatness, America scrambled and stumbled in front of what seemed to be a formidable enemy.   However, the American people’s indomitable spirit didn’t surrender. They also showed their solidarity by helping each other and unleashing billions or trillions of dollars to uplift the lives of those affected and to protect their economy.

But even before they could get back on their feet,  something unfortunate happened.   A guy named George Floyd died while pinned down on the ground by policemen, one used his knee which could have caused Floyd’s death.  This event sparked massive protests nationwide demanding an end to racism and police’s use of excessive force on black people.

Unfortunately for America,  thousands used the rallies as a big opportunity to ransack stores such as Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom, CVS, and many others including the big catch Louis  Vuitton. In the first few days, it was about looting, burning buildings, stores, police cars, smashing cars belonging to people who had nothing to do with Floyd’s death.  They also broke into jewelry stores, killing a black security guard.   Clearly, their cause was not racism but stealing.  I couldn’t believe that these people would destroy their own community.  They burned a few school buildings too.

George Floyd

It was almost comical to watch on tv the protesters panic-looting,  loading Victoria Secret bras into their cars.  They carried large boxes of television sets, Nike shoes, jerseys, and bras.   One car stopped on the freeway and unloaded some of the clothes they looted because their car was filled to the ceiling with stolen goods, the driver couldn’t see the road anymore.

What a grand display of an uncivilized population.

The world watched in horror and disbelief. China must be laughing while watching America fall into chaos.

Because of police brutality, some states are going towards disbanding their police force.  This is the best way to add more problems to their world.  I bet crimes in that area would soon escalate.  And who do you call?  Pizza delivery?  Instacart?  Some guns and ammunition stores were broken into too and this spells trouble again.

America used to be our model of a civilized world that puts a premium on peace, order, equality, and respect.
Now no more.

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