I have decided to convert a small parcel of land into a vegetable garden. I am excited to harvest all kinds of vegetables I can bring home and give away. Imagine the amount of money all of us can save by having free veggies?
Antonia owns a farm in Negros and she can help me organize the vegetable patches. One of our guards here also owns a farm in the province and he is very knowledgeable about vegetable farming. I gave him a list of the vegetables I want planted—- luya, sibuyas na mura, munggo, talong, upo, sitaw, okra, ampalaya, sayote, camote, ube, gabi, pechay, sili, paminta, kamatis, carrots, potatoes, kumpleto na ba yan? I will also have a small green house for the herbs like basil, tarragon, rosemary, tumirik, etc. I am excited.

fruit harvest,  July 2017

Harry has grown. He no longer looks like a teenager cow. He is now full grown and I am thinking of buying a female cow so they could have babies. That would be so cute. My caretaker is worried about my plans. Tatapang daw si Harry pag merong babae. Baka daw manuwag. Let’s see.


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5 thoughts on “Vegetable Farm

  1. Ms. Annie try aquaponics, sustainable farming po siya, kahit po maliit na lot area pwede po siya, para may gulay ka na may fish ka pa. We have here sa likod bahay namin. Hope you have a great day.

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