Waterfront Living

I am entertaining the idea of living in a waterfront house. Parang it’s serene and relaxing. Every time I watch HGTV’s tv shows such as Waterfront Living, Beachfront Living, Hawaii Life, Caribbean Living, Island Living, it makes me want to live on an island or near the beach or in a sprawling house overlooking the water.

HGTV Pinterest Waterfront house

This is a dream spot. I can just sit here all day.
HGTV Waterfront Miami

I am beginning to dislike city living. I want peace and quiet, fresh breeze, but still close to modern conveniences and amenities like shopping, fine dining and casual restaurants, bookstore, church, park, cinema, and of course near a modern hospital. Not to be missed is golf. A house near a golf course would be great for my roommate. I think it would be wonderful to have that kind of home.

So far the closest we can get to having a waterfront house is the wallpaper mural in my son’s bedroom. I replaced one section with this lake view mural about 3 years ago.
mural in Nyke's room


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