My husband and I’s default restaurant is Haru in Kapitolyo, Pasig. When we don’t want to think anymore of what food to eat or where to eat, Haru na lang. Their food is consistently good and the price, although not cheap, is not very expensive.

Haru dining table

The last time we were there, Edmund and I sat at a table on the right side area after the entrance.
The chair looked dirty. I didn’t even want to sit on it. Feeling ko, sangkatutak na dumi ang nakadikit dun. Ewan pero sinumpong ako ng kasupladahan nung oras na yun.

Haru dining chairs

Maybe they’re not dirty. Maybe they just look dirty because of the velvet upholstery color.
dirty chair

Hmm I think it’s really dirty.
“Tart, parang ang dumi na ng upuan nila, kinikilabutan ako”.

haru velvet chair

Haru loyalists. We should get an award from the owner.
Ecy and Omb,  Haru Feb 2017

One order of kani salad, hating kapatid.
Haru, kani salad

One for you one for me chawanmushi
haru,  two chawanmushi

Our favorite grilled saba fish
grilled Saba fish

Ewan kung ano ito, parang cake na merong ice cream.
Edmund's dessert,  Haru

For 95 pesos, I wish they give more turon. Sobrang liit at konte. Pag na achoo ako liliparin ito sa noo ni Edmund.
tiny turon with ice cream


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