Weekend in Balesin Island

The Lapez Family invited our daughter to go with them to the exclusive “members only” Balesin Island off the coast of Quezon province.

Their daughter Steph and Oyen are good friends.
My daughter insisted that I go with her for a two night change of environment.

I was hesitant to go because I was afraid of the half hour or so tiny plane ride. Up to the night before, I wasn’t sure if we’re going. Edmund didn’t want me to go but I didn’t want to disappoint my daughter. Wala syang kasamahan although she would be with Steph and her whole family.
I kept on asking Oyen about the details like departure time, etc but she didn’t know because all the arrangements were made by our gracious hosts.
Balesin check in counter, Alphaland

Luggage drop-off is next door
Balesin luggage check

The first apo of the Lapezes is a world traveler. She arrived from Australia the day before, then flies to Balesin. In a few weeks she would be traveling again.
baby world traveller

Jose Mari Chan was also at the lounge. He was going to accompany his guests to Balesin then take the next flight back to Manila. His guests must really be super special or close family members. We had about 10 ten minutes of tete a tete. The guy is very nice and friendly. Hindi sya mayabang.
Jose Mari Chan,  Alphaland

I was scared to ride a tiny plane. No toilet daw kaya I ran first to the toilet in the lounge. This is considered one of the bigger planes na daw with 10 – 12 passenger capacity. Other planes only carry 4 or 6.
plane to Balesin

It’s so tight. Extra bags are not advisable.
all aboard to Balesin

We’re smiling but we’re actually nervous.
on board to Balesin Island

Ointment for everything– migraine, asthma, nervousness.
migraine and nervousness ointment

It was a 3


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