Work continues at Home for the Aged

My husband calls our retirement cottage as home for the aged referring to the two of us. How sad but that’s the way it’s going to be.

He sent me this photos.
home for the aged,  chicken

While I was still in the US he rushed the painting of the cottage and ordered windows. He wanted to please me when I come home. Hindi pa rin sya tapos, kasi pakonti-konti lang naman ang trabaho but at least the house is beginning to look like one.

cottage house,  painting

The workers were complaining that painting the capiz windows was very tedious. I bought 4 of that windows along the Sta. Rosa road. I really wanted the house to look a little bit old, organic, probinsya like kahit hindi terno-terno ang design.

cottage house,  capiz windows

I bought the floor tiles, windows, bathroom fixtures two years ago. Baka hindi na sila uso ngayon and some may no longer be my style. Hamo na nga kahit ano na lang ang itsura. As long as there’s loving and caring from the people who would stay in it then that’s all that would matter, not the kind of structure and design.

I imagine myself coming here more often maybe 5 years from now. But then again, the area is becoming commercialized with construction of schools, houses (karaoke excuse me!), etc. It would no longer feel like probinsya few years from now but that’s something I have no control of.


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