November 4, 2031, 5:08 pm

The painting I ordered from artist Adler Llagas is here.
Nowadays, a photo of the actual painting with the artist himself is ideal kasi ang daming fake. If Adler becomes extremely popular years from now, aside from a certificate, a photo like this would be valuable and helpful in establishing provenance and authenticity.

Nung araw, no one required a certificate or a photo with the artist. The artist’s signature on the painting itself was sufficient. Ngayon hindi na pwede, kailangan merong certificate.

Adler Llagas

Tamar na tamar na ako ngayon mag-make uo or magsuklay. Gusto ko na na lang naka daster and naka tsinelas.
Yehey, meron na ako birthday gift for my son in law.


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