Every person has told a lie at least once in his lifetime. Many don’t have any bad intentions. Some do it on purpose to gain or benefit from their lies. Some do it at the expense of other people.

Some people are perennial liars. Some have the propensity to say things they don’t mean and when asked, they would deny having said that, or they don’t remember saying that.

Lying by its very definition is wrong. In essence, you are not being truthful, trustworthy, sincere. A person who has the propensity to lie cannot be trusted.

Lying is bad but the worse is if you are so deep into it that you now believe your own lies. You believe that you are telling the truth because you lied continuously and in so doing you have convinced yourself that you are no longer lying but you are telling the truth.

Meron naman nagsinungaling tapos nabuking. Instead of humbly accepting he lied, pinandiginan na ang kanyang kasinungalingan. He is standing by his lies. And this is the kind of person that amazes me. Commiting a mistake is one, yet, to not realize you have made a mistake, and instead, you stick to your lies. And continuously weave more lies to defend your lies, this is something. Pray that you don’t encounter this kind of people. Pray that your children never meet this kind of a friend. And lalo na, huwag sanang makapangasawa ang ating mga anak ng ganitong klaseng tao. Sinungaling.

But we’ll never know for sure kung sinungaling sila dahil syempre kunwari mabait.


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