July 17,  2021, South Lake Tahoe

I still have a lot of energy left after my son and I got back from the beach so I brought Mochi out for a walk just around the hotel. The weather was so perfect. It was sunny and yet the breeze was neither hot nor cold.
Mochi and I just walked back and forth for an hour savoring our last day in Tahoe. I can’t say if Mochi will still have the chance to come back here with us. This could be her first and last holiday here.

I have always liked pine trees that’s why our mini farm in Tagaytay has lots of pine trees.  I have read recently that pine trees are not good because they need lots of water eh meron ngabtayong water shortage.  Dapat pala I planted a few only.  Too,late because the trees have grown,  but I will not add more pine trees, plus we have no more space for big trees.

pine trees
Mochi peed twice here.

While I was standing at the corner while Mochi was doing her thing, a dark gray SUV slowed down and moved closer to the curb where I was, the window rolled down and a white guy yelled at me. He asked “are you still single?” I just looked and said nothing. When I got back to the room I told Nyke and Edmund about that guy. I said the guy was looking for free sex. My husband said no, he is looking for a wife. Okay, I’ll take that as a compliment,


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