There’s a looming world crisis. Many economic doomsayers are predicting food shortage, gas shortage, hyperinflation, real estate cooling, business slowdown, and other concerning scenarios such as famine and hunger, and nuclear war. Parang end of the world na.

Merong nagsasabi, ibaon na natin sa ilalim ng lupa ang ating mga papeles ng lupa, jewelries, gold, photos, birth certificates, and digital copies of our worldly properties kasi daw when Putin presses the button, zero worth na lahat ng pinaghirapan nating lahat.

When Putin presses the nuclear button, zero na rin tayo so we need not worry too much about our material possessions. Goodbye world na.

Pero, kung mahilig kang maghukay, sige dig deep and bury your pustiso with gold. Baka hukayin ng treasure hunters, mapagkamalan Yamashita gold.

Me, I don’t have crates of jewelries. I will bury my dinner plates and tea cups.


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