Where’s the juice?

May 25, 2022
12:01 pm

I was very thirsty when I arrived at Makati Ford. I told my driver to buy me two cups of fresh buko juice.

He came back with two empty paper cups.
He looked confused when I asked him “ano ito? Nasaan yung laman? Nasaan yung buko juice?

Driver G—- “Pati mam yung buko juice?”
A—– “Syempre, ano’ng iinumin ko?”

He wasn’t sure.
Driver — “Sabi nyo dalawang cups?”

Me——“Two cups of buko juice, iinumin ko. Bakit ako magpapabili ng paper cups eh ang dami-daming baso dito?”

Driver —“Bibili ako ng buko juice?”
He looked unconvinced.

Sabi ko nga naman two cups, so`here, two cups.
Empty cups

I gave him back the two empty paper cups. After a few minutes he came back with these two half-empty cups.


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