Can you Pronounce Shrimp?

I’ve noticed that many Filipinos are having difficulty pronouncing the word shrimp or shrimps. I can’t blame them it can actually be a tongue twister. Shrimp shrimps.

Me too, I noticed the other day I could no longer pronounce words correctly. Eh kasi matagal na akong hindi nagsasalita. Wala akong kausap. Shremp shremps.

If you have a restaurant make sure each and every person under your employ most especially the waiters, the frontliners dealing with customers could pronounce the word shrimp and shrimps correctly. Shremp, shrep, shrims, shirmp, shrip, would not cut it. Maybe due to our many dialects?
At Cibo, the cashier approached me and said “Mam hers your bell”.


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2 thoughts on “Can you Pronounce Shrimp?

  1. how about the Africans who pronounce “vegetables” as “ve-ge-ta-ble?”
    you know for a fact not everyone has domain of the English language, nay pronounce it?
    I hope I am wrong, but it seems you are being racist, Annie. Little by little you are becoming a Karen.
    check your privilege, ma’am.

    1. Hi, yes I am a racist, once in a while only. However, my being a racist doesn’t include discriminating against people who cannot pronounce English words correctly. If you will notice, I also mentioned that I myself also have difficulty pronouncing some words. My post is more of a suggestion to restaurants to train their food attendants how to pronounce the menus correctly. This reminds me, maybe some of our staff are pronouncing Ford as purd. #humorinlife
      Oh I almost forgot, thank you for reading ohmybuhay. With sincere appreciation, omb

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