David’s Brother’s House

Dave invited us to take a look at his younger brother’s house about 10 minutes drive from Kobe Bistro. He is proud to show us the work done and how the house now looks and smells new. He said when his brother bought it, it was in a bad condition because it was a bank-owned property, one of the casualties of the property crash in 2007.

His brother was about to leave when we arrived. After we shook hands, I told him we’re invading his privacy.

The house is huge, 4,800 sq. ft.
It looks new and smells like new. Dave said it now looks so different from its condition when they first entered this house a few months ago.
Picture windows,  Las Vegas house

The iron stairs railings are original to the house, they just repainted them.
iron stairs railing

All the tiles on the ground floor and carpets upstairs were replaced with new ones. The kitchen cabinets were re-stained. According to Dave his brother’s renovation costs are already running $62,000. He is doing the closets himself to save on costs.
Len at the house of David's brother

The owners are a young couple in their mid-30s with two young girls. The backyard looks like a resort with a swimming pool, spa and slide. They’re moving in to their new home this weekend.


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