Losing Hope my boxing tickets would still arrive

The two tickets haven’t arrived so my game plan was to go to Thomas & Mack Center ticket office to verify if the seats supposedly sold to me were still available or someone had bought them.

We were busy at the SEMA show and we had another appointment in the Southwest area in the afternoon. We got back to the hotel at 8 pm. We were not able to go to Thomas and Mack Center.

The first thing that I did when I arrived last night at the hotel was to approach again the reception to see if there’s a fedex delivery for me. I am still hoping that the two Pacquiao boxing tickets are here already. Wala pa rin.

It’s now November 4. Len and I got ready, ate brunch then we went to Thomas & Mack Center. There were a handful of people already waiting. Some were buying tickets, some were just hanging around till the boxing match starts.

pacquiao 166 / Thomas & Mack Center

The first ticket window we asked was not very helpful maybe because she also didn’t know how to address my problem. She said they didn’t know who bought the tickets because brokers bought most of the tickets and resold them.

pacquiao 167

Because we were asking where their office is and who the person in charge is she called her manager who also had a standard answer same as hers.

Not content, Len and I moved to the next ticket counter and asked the same questions. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever see those tickets nor my thirty grand.

(I have a meeting in half hour, will continue this later.)


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