Dinner with two bright young lawyers

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May 23, 2022

I had a meeting with two bright young lawyers, Atty. Leo Anonuevo and Atty. Alpe. They are best friends and were classmates in Ateneo.

They both worked for big and established law firms but had decided to join forces and handle cases on their own. Leo has also found a new calling teaching law in Ateneo.

Years ago a distant relative sold us their family’s house and lot in Cubao, Quezon City, to help defray the cost of their father’s hospitalization, medical bills, and sustenance.
Their father was a respected lawyer and author of many law books used by law professors. Unfortunately, he passed away.
Since they were my close relatives, I didn’t see the need to get hold of the property immediately after their father died. Unknown to me and to his adult children, the house was mortgaged and sold to different individuals using spurious documents by a person living there since all the children were US-based.

Atty. Leo filed the necessary court cases and since he’s been busy lately teaching law, his friend Alpe will assist him to help me untangle the mess.

To formally introduce me to Atty. Alpe, we arranged for an early dinner meeting. I picked Haru thinking they probably like sushi.
I reserved a table for 5 pm, too early for dinner but Haru Japanese Restaurant only has a few parking slots so being early means they would have a better chance parking right in front of the restaurant.

Dinner with two lawyers



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