Manila Bay Dinner Cruise & Fireworks Display

Maymay’s birthday dinner cruise sponsored by the owners of Henryana Yacht was perfectly timed with the gorgeous Manila Bay sunset. The water was calm so I didn’t feel dizzy. I stayed on the boat’s deck so I could look far and inhale fresh air. I was also busy with our munching and kwentuhan that it deviated my attention from the boat’s occasional swaying except when the boat was maneuvering and stationary. That was really awful it turned my stomach upside down.

yacht Feb 17, 2018 220

Manila Bay, view of Philippine Plaza Feb 17, 2018

yacht Feb 17, 2018 221 ACTY with Maymay etc.

yacht Feb 17, 2018 224

Henryana yacht’s interior is impressive. It has a living room, dining, bar, toilet and shower, two bedrooms.  It has three levels but I only stayed on the main deck.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 240

Stairs leading to the toilet and bath, and two bedrooms.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 241

yacht Feb 17, 2018 242

Manila Bay Cruise, Feb 17, 2018

Maymay prepared a bilao of different kinds of fresh spring rolls using fresh fruits, lobster and crab meats. I ate two pieces of the ones with crab meat.
Manila Bay Cruise, food Feb 17, 2018 228

We ate a lot of appetizers, cheese, fruits, salami, etc. Kala namin yun na yung food. Then they called again “kain na kayo”. We looked at each other, “ha? kumain na kami”. Yun pala they prepared rice, callos, paella, macopa salad, etc.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 227

yacht Feb 17, 2018 243

Even if I was stuffed from the spring rolls, chorizo, cheese, chips and fruits, I ate again kasi nakakahiya sa hosts. They prepared all this food tapos we’re not going to eat. Everything that they prepared for us was delicious. The callos and macopa were fantastic. I was too full to try all the other dishes but the other guests said they were very good too.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 244 dinner

Lior Liechtenstein, The loving husband of Maymay
yacht Feb 17, 2018 233 Lior

The topic of our conversations started with circumcision. Lior is Jewish and their tradition which dates back 4,000 years requires the infant to be circumcised after 3 days from birth. Some doctors here no longer want to circumcise infants because things could go wrong. There have been cases wherein they cut too much foreskin because the birdie is too small and hard to calculate how much skin should be removed. One result according to the doctora in our group is that those guys could have difficulty erecting.
Manila Bay Cruise, Lior, conversation

The fireworks display competition started at 8 pm. Henry said this was the Philippine entry sponsored by a company named Platinum Fireworks.
Fireworks Display, Manila Bay

Fireworks display Feb 17, 2018

Manila Bay fireworks

yacht Feb 17, 2018 303

Manila Bay fireworks

Manila Bay, Fireworks display Feb 17, 2018

Another fireworks display came at 9 pm and according to Henry it was by a group from Switzerland.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 304

yacht Feb 17, 2018 311

Souvenir group photo before we reached the dock.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 313

I didn’t notice that it was already 10 pm kaya pala medyo antok na ako.
yacht Feb 17, 2018 315I went home at past 10 pm.  I truly enjoyed the dinner cruise.   Great food and company.  The fireworks displays were icing on the cake.  Thank you Maymay, Lior, Henry and Gaina for having me.

yacht Feb 17, 2018 317


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